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Hello internet cosmonaut!~ and welcome to my humble webpage :) This is my personal online space, meant to be a representation of me in digital form. Here I'll log thoughts, feelings and the occasional drawing, for nothing more than my own joy and entertainment. I update this page whenever I want to procrastinate actual work I have to do (right now I'm supposed to be writing and sending emails applying to internships but shhh), and, as of writing this, it's still a huge WIP with unfinished pages. Feel free to look around though! Enjoy your time on Moonio's Web Corner!
03/12/23: removed j*mes s*merton's videos from the vampire studies page, in light of recent events
21/11/23: created the webmaster page
17/11/23: added .old tech .dead tech to the shrines page
15/11/23: finally fixed the position of the header and sidebar, i had been procrastinating doing it for almost two months
30/09/23: added this update log, links
23/09/23: started redoing the entire website. the main page layout is unfinished

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