hello!! i'm julia also known online as moonio. i'm a professional storyboarder/concept artist and a hobby artist's alley con seller, from portugal. i love collecting all sorts of things, from old analog cameras to hatsune miku figures. my fashion sense ranges from goth to retro to basic t-shirt and jeans, depending on my mood. when i was in highschool i actually dressed up everyday in bright colors and fun patterns, but uni kind of messed me up a bit and i haven't had the balls to look as obnoxious as i did back then, in a few years... i'm trying to get back into crazy fashion now that i don't have classes anymore. oh and i'm a HUGE film and tv nerd, specially the super boring and pretentious type of movies, with a few fun and weird exceptions.
fun facts!!
hair color
big glasses
  • i enjoy reading/watching essays on vampire fiction more than i enjoy the fiction itself. my favourite kind of vampire stories are the gothic/gothic-inspired ones, modern takes on them are rarely my cup of tea
  • i can only drink coffee in the form of cappuccinos/lattes, which i make at home every single day
  • my favorite foods are grapes, spaghetti and chocolate tripas
  • i use to speak english with a strong british accent that i picked up from watching too many dan and phil videos at 13
she/they lesbian
21 years old
virgo sun, libra moon, virgo ascending
  • tom at the farm
  • the lighthouse
  • rocky horror picture show
  • the handmaiden
  • alien
  • first cow
  • rocketman
  • the adolescense of utena
  • spencer
  • what we do in the shadows
  • the green knight
  • paprika
  • asteroid city
  • shirkers
  • SHOWS🩷
  • the x-files
  • hannibal
  • succession
  • what we do in the shadows
  • scott pilgrim takes off
  • paradise kiss
  • interview with the vampire
  • gravity falls
  • revolutionary girl utena
  • MUSIC🩷
  • will wood
  • blur
  • car seat headrest
  • mitski
  • franz ferdinand
  • japan
  • strawberry switchblade
  • ethel cain
  • sohodolls
  • of montreal
  • twin temple
  • mamamoo
  • my chemical romance
  • elton john
  • margo guryan
  • jhariah
  • kate bush
  • witch hat atelier
  • opus
  • snotgirl
  • o infante
  • not all girls are stupid
  • laura dean keeps breaking up with me
  • the magic fish
  • electric bones
  • hard lacquer
  • two losers from earth
  • GAMES🩷
  • disco elysium
  • the sims 4
  • hades
  • life is strange
  • fashion dreamer
  • animal crossing
  • locoroco
  • civilization vi
  • muse dash
  • project sekai
  • va-11 hall-a
  • we know the devil
  • mosnter prom
  • stardew valley
  • everskies
  • BOOKS🩷
  • the portrait of dorian gray
  • aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe
  • carmilla
  • frankenstein
  • the song of achilles
  • montague siblings trilogy
  • spitfire
  • dracula
  • what manner of man
  • I RELATE TO...
    will graham
    klaasje amandou
    tom podowski
    anthy himemyia
    nadja antipaxos
    tsukasa tenma