A collection of essays in written and video form, dedicated to the literary, film and folklore history of vampires.

Yes I watched and read all of these, no I have nothing going on in my life.

Vampiric Studies

Vampires as Queer Metaphors

From Monsters to Monsters: Perverted Predators and Diseased Deviants: Queer Representations in American Slasher Film of the 1980s - David Klein Martins

Queer Fear: Vampirism and the Transmittable Evil of Homoeroticism - Carla-Joan Carmona

Not Just Dead, But Gay!: Queerness and the Vampire - William A. Tringali

History and Folklore of The Vampire

A Short Literary History of Vampires - Kate O'Connor

Mutations of the Vampire Motif in the Nineteenth Century - Megan Bryan

Couture of the Corpse: Fashion, Class, Time, and the Undead in The Hungers - Kwasu David Tembo

Vamps and Weebs

When Monsters Collide: The Transcultural Vampire and Its Representations in Japanese Animation - Alice Teodorescu